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What happens during workplace mediation?

Usually a day will be set aside for a workplace mediation to take place.

The importance of confidentiality will be explained. What makes mediation different when compared with other processes, such as grievance meetings and employment tribunal hearings, is that parties meet and have an opportunity to speak directly with each other. It is therefore essential for those who attend to know that they are able to say what they need to say, without fearing that what they are saying may subsequently be used against them.

The mediator will have initial and separate private meetings with each party. These will be strictly confidential. This is each person's opportunity to speak in confidence with an independent third party who is completely unconnected to the organisation. The mediator will gain an insight into what has happened and will explain how the mediation will progress. Then a meeting will take place with everyone present. This is the parties' opportunity to speak directly with each other. This might be the first time the parties have spoken for some time. Each party will listen carefully to the other. They will engage in a dialogue as the issues are discussed and become clearer.

Often new information will come to light and parties will gain a greater understanding of each other's position. This allows possible resolutions to be discussed and agreed. During these discussions the mediator will help to ensure that each person is being understood by the other, and will contribute to the thought process of what a solution to the problem might look like. 

April 2, 2018

Workplace banter can be a problematic area. Different people have different views about what is acceptable. Words which would have gone unchallenged in the past, and which many people may have viewed as "banter", in a number of cases will now be almost universally unacceptable.

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September 10, 2017

Are you an employee who is being asked to take part in mediation? Are you very sceptical of the idea? Can you think of nothing worse than being in the same room as your colleague?

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March 25, 2017

In a typical workplace mediation, the only people present will be the parties and the mediator. However, sometimes issues have moved on to a stage where lawyers are involved.  This could be the case where the employment relationship continues and also where an employee has resigned or been dismissed. In either case the employee may have raised employment tribunal proceedings. 

In these mediations lawyers play an essen...

January 30, 2017

HR professionals play a very important part in helping achieve the resolution of workplace disputes.  Often HR will be the first point of contact for an aggrieved employee.  It may be that at that point all the employee wants is a private conversation with HR, with nothing further to happen. Alternatively, HR may suggest an informal resolution and may facilitate a discussion to that effect. There is always the option of a form...

January 23, 2017

Being bullied massively impacts on a person’s life, and not only at work but also their home life. Bullying at work can take many forms, from leaving endless post-it notes on a desk with unreasonable demands, to repeatedly undermining a colleague in team meetings, to shouting and swearing and even reducing a colleague to tears. It happens, and it happens frequently.

There is a saying that “one person’s bullying is another perso...

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