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I sought Giles’ support to assist us to resolve a conflict between two employees within our company. Having an external person come in and help staff communicate more effectively with one another during times of increased stress and anxiety was the correct decision for our organisation and Giles was, beyond doubt, the best person for the job. I would have no qualms in calling upon his services should I ever require external support again. His level of professionalism, patience and support was quite exemplary. The feedback he provided me as a Senior Manager was also extremely useful and he worked closely with all staff involved to ensure that everyone felt their voices could be heard.
A Duncan – Independent School Head

Following breakdown in working relationship between two employees, it became stressful and difficult for everyone involved to communicate effectively to resolve the resulting conflict in the workplace. Formal procedure had been undertaken which failed to resolve situation. Following agreement with parties involved, our company turned to the services of Giles Woolfson for formal mediation to assist in resolving difficult situation. Mediation offered a practical and respectful solution. With Giles’ support, those involved openly discussed issues and agreed to create a resolution to resolve their difference and work towards rebuilding a working relationship.
S. Leslie, HR
Fuel Distribution Company

Giles was a pleasure to work with, he was very professional and flexible to our needs. The individuals involved both commented on his fair and constructive approach during the mediation session and the issues that led us to this intervention appear to have been resolved. I would not hesitate in recommending Giles.

HR Manager, Ayr

Workplace Mediation Glasgow, Scotland
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