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Giles Woolfson

Workplace Mediator

My aim is to help your employees work together for the benefit of your organisation. Workplace mediation enables people to put past issues behind them, move on and ensure the focus can once again be on the organisation and not the issues which are preventing work from being done. If legal proceedings have been raised, I will work to find a solution which resolves these proceedings and avoids the inevitable uncertainty, risk, time, and usually cost, which is involved.


I am on the Scottish Mediation Register. I am also a practising solicitor and an accredited specialist in employment law. I tutor in mediation at the University of Strathclyde. I have worked with employers and employees for over 18 years. My knowledge and practical experience of employment law allows me to understand the potential implications if a resolution is not reached.

I listen carefully to the concerns of those involved. I seek to establish a good rapport and a mutual trust to help parties reach a solution.

Workplace Mediation Glasgow, Scotland
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